GOTHIC III by Loree Rodkin

An opening blast greets me that is expressing a lovely amber impression, which is enhanced by a well-balanced booziness. Soon a pleasant undertone evolves that I can best describe as a bundle of hay in the autumn sun - and this blends in beautifully.

In the drydown a floral notes join in on an equal footing, with oleander and touches of jasmine playing and important role, aided by some restrained muguet. This finally leads to a nigh complete turn towards the white floral.

After the first half hour or so it suddenly collapses on me, and become in effect very close to my skin. Nonetheless, the development is not arrested. After a while the amber retreats, and a somewhat nonspecific musky woodsiness evolves. Later on whiffs of a very restrained mossy notes come and go.

I get soft sillage after the first half hour, with limited projection and six hours of longevity on my skin.

A nice and autumnal scent initially composed of ingredients of good quality, which starts very promisingly, but whose later development is marred by its poor performance.  A Goth with pretty flowers.    3/5.