Released 1964 and discontinued

The opening is classic: lemon, bergamot, sage and lemon but being quite restrained overall. 


The drydown is a been greener, mainly due to a fresh jasmine noted developing soon, Carnation, geranium and a bright rose are added in the drydown, resulting in a citrus-floral of the traditional ilk.   later on it turns warmer and less bright, with a smooth cinnamon pairing with wood notes; the latter consist mainly of cedar on me, with touches of sandalwood making an appearance transiently.  Towards the base a vanilla/tonka dyad are just palpable as background whispers.


Then the scent, hitherto with decent and projection for three hours, it becomes very close to my skin, turning to a slightly spicy labdanum, civet and moss to make the base change character into more of a chypre.


The main drawback is the late restraint that makes it weak.  I get moderate sillage and good projection initially;  it lasts five hours overall. 


A bright, complex, lovely and nuanced floral chypre, whose weakness in its performance might be related to the age of the flacon.  but very suitable for a traditional office setting in spring.   3.5/5