Freetrapper by D.S. & Durga

Apart from an initial hint of bergamot the main component at the outset is a warm osmanthus note. Soon, however, the incense soon takes over. It is smooth, warm and comforting incense, quite balsamic at times but neither sharp nor peppery. It is not a highly ceremonious version either. Down the track it assumes a gently balsamic undercurrent and the result is very nice.

Later on woodsy components are added, and on my skin the osmanthus is quite strong, yet it manages to blend in very well with the incense; this is a convincing combination. The only less exciting components are the wood notes, which remain somewhat indistinct on my skin.

I get moderate silage, excellent projection and an impressive nine hours of longevity.

A lovely winter blend made of good-quality ingredients and displaying good structure and texture.   3.25/5