The opening blast is beautiful: a bright bergamot, accentuated by e delightful and gently spicy coriander, with herbal undertone that is due to a green rosemary and thyme duo. The an artemisa wormwood arises, and mixed in with the other top notes in a very balanced manner, allowing and the participants of this olfactory ballet to dance in tune.

The drydown ddds floral notes - mainly carnation and whiffs of lavender, whilst the artemisia continues its good work. The latter's boozy side is enhanced by an juniper impression that is accompanied by a slightly sour fruity notes of unripe pears.

The artemisia carries over into the base, aided by some gentle olibanum, a faint mossy undertone, as well as a slightly crisp light patchouli expression. A touch of woods, sandal mainly with whiffs of a coniferous nature come and go, with a set of sweeter white musks make an appearance towards the end.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection overall, and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

The top notes of this autumnal creation and superb in quality, being dense, intense, nuanced and well-matched indeed; it smells of classic greatness. Unfortunately, in the drydown it is much weaker, and in the base it develops into a rather faint and much less impressive mix. Age might make vintage perfumes fade, so this might be a contributing factor, but it is judged in the here and now.   A wormwood that fades with time.  Overall 3.5/5