Launched in 2003. In the top notes the mixture of licorice and anise develops beautifully on my skin, a very nice idea, with a touch of bergamot-freshness in the background.  A touch of angelica adds moments of crisp bitterness. 


The drydown brings a lovely vetiver into play, whilst the base is to me the least interesting part with its rather generic wood-amber impression, which is given a spicy undertone by some caraway.  In the base a nondescript ambery woodsiness develops towards the end. 


This spring scent is openly flouting its synthetic nature, but it is well made and in its simplicity nonetheless quite convincing. Whilst silage and projection are nothing to write home about, the longevity of over six hours is fairly respectable. Good, but just so.  The sky-blue box of the Eau de Toilette is beautiful.  Discontinued.   3/5