Creed Green Irish Tweed

A gorgeous opening blast.  

The Verbena dominates the top notes, and after a minutes it is followed by an Iris-fougere notes that is of beautiful herbal freshness.  

This subsequently leads to a surprisingly convincing Sandalwood drydown.  Discreet but definite.  

The base is based on the pleasantly typical Creed Ambergris note that is here never as dominating as in other Creeds.  

It is a lively scent, like a spring morning, and it's versatility always surprises me.  A great classic fougere cologne with adequate silage and projection.  On me the longevity is about three hours, but easily two or three times as long on the clothes. 

GIT is often compared to Davidoff’s Cool Water.  Cool Water leaves a flatter, less nuanced and more synthetic impression on my skin. 

This is a seminal spring day scent.   Classic in its balance, timeless and a core product in my spring rotation for years.  4/5.  

The after shave balm is of phenomenal quality, as is the deodorant. The shower gel shampoo is a classic too.  The body soap as well as the shaving soap are special indeed.