Parco Palladiano VI                                by Bottega Veneta

Launched 2016.  Owned by the Coty Prestige corporation.


This is a floral scent in its core and from the start. White florals, lots of peony, whiffs of muguet and rose make up the core right into the drydown. The rose is not exactly sunny, but it is more in the bright side on me; I do not get any dark or brooding characteristics here.

Later on woodsy characteristics are evident, with cedar hints coming to the fore, and cinnamon provides a somewhat creamy texture towards the end. PP VI hits exactly the right level of sweetness, and in all its floral appearance there is no excessive synthetic sweetness evident.

I get moderate silage, good projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

A spring floral that is composed of good quality ingredients and well balanced. A tad generic in the impression of the woods, but otherwise rather pleasant.    3/5