Parco Palladiano III by Bottega Veneta

The opening blast excludes brightness, minty indeed but the mint is enhanced by a nigh bergamot-like gentle freshness. Soon in the drydown a green and grassy undertone develops, with the occasional herbal characteristic being thrown in.

Later in the heart notes a creamy fruitiness gradually comes to the fore, a pear impression with elements of a restrained peachiness coming and going. In the base woodsy touches are present towards the end.

I get moderate silage, good projection and six hours of longevity on my skin.

This summery composition is a bit on the simple side structurally, but not without some originality. Whilst not complex, it is blended well, and avoids excessive sweetness as well as too blatantly synthetic notes. Nothing too special, but crafted solidly.   3/5