An elegant NATO-strap watch

The NATO strap is usually made cloth or nylon. It has the advantage of being more comfortable in the heat than a metal bands, as the skin has no direct contact with the metal of the watch case, and it soakes up sweat more than leather.  It  was developed by the British Ministry of Defence, and the stock number lead to the term "NATO" for the band.  The band is perfect for rough and rugged conditions.


With a neutral, e.g. the classic back and dark grey striped pattern, it is the army watch.  Using other more colourful designs, e.g. the colours of one's school or alma mater, it is perfect for more elegant outdoors pursuits as a spectator, e.g. the rowing events like the Henley Regatta, and tennis tournaments like Wimbledon etc.  Other more colourful combinations are also found.  The watch face, whether that of a dress watch or that of a sports or diving watch,  will make the watch more elegant or more sporty.


Knot and Daniel Wellington are two of the more known manufacturers of such watches.



Ref:  Daniel Bentley accessed 16/11/2019