E. Coudray Vanille et Coco

The cocoanut-vanilla dyad is proclaimed in the name of this creation, and rightly so: the coconut leaps at me immediately, and the vanilla impression is following not far behind. 

Initially these two components are quite thin and have a slightly metallic undertone on my skin. With time a chocolate-like tint develops, and additional brightness is provided by an array of white florals: orange blossom with whiffs of lily-of the valley at times.  

Later on the whole mix takes on a creamy characteristic, courtesy of an underlying ylang-ylang that develops gradually, and the base is enriched further by a rich tonka note.   Towards the end a somewhat nonspecific woodsy impression is intermingled with the rest of this mix.  

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and a splendid eleven hours of longevity on my skin.   

This rich wintery gourmand has a bit of a slow start on me and takes time to take off, but once in full swing is takes on more color and depth the more it develops.   At some earlier stages it can be a bit plain and simple, but it develops enough complexity to make an impression in spite of the unimpressive beginnings.  3/5.