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Fleur de Lalita


M+M - Magnolia and Muguet - is the opening duo, with the magnolia dominating; a nice start.

Soon jasmines arises, mainly sambac on me but also some grandiflora; they are green, a bit earthy and slightly soapy.  After a while a trim ylang-ylang develops, which is less creamy that one often gets with this ingredient.  Similarly, the tuberose that is also present at this stage is slimmer than expected, and it lacks any significant indolic component.   I am also getting just a few whiffs of a faintly nonspecific rose here and then.

The base is characterised by sweeter white musks, with some tonka mixed with ambrette being the other important components.  Echoes of the florals remain for a while, but they vanish closer towards the end.


I get moderate sillage, excellent projections, and six hours of longevity on my skin.

This is a floral spring scent, which is composed of ingredients that are not very original is their selection, but the quality of the ingredients makes up for that quite convincingly.  Unfortunately, the other components in the base are less radiant and a bit more generic.   This olfactory creation demonstrates nicely how another look at traditional ingredients of good quality can create new outlook worthy of being enjoyed once more.   Overall 3.5/5