Airline Reviews



OS 192  Cologne - Vienna   CGN  VIE Embraer E95 February 2019

The seats were standard Economy Class Seats, with one seat left vacant in Business Class.   Very good cleanliness.

The legroom was adequate.

The meals as well as the drinks selection was good, as was the coffee.  The service was excellent.


No inflight entertainment.


Overall  3.5/5


OS 25 Vienna Bangkok VIE BKK  B777-200  March 2019

excellent boarding procedure with Premium passengers cordoned off for early boarding


A nice design and layout, similar to Swissair but a bit less spacious; better than Lufthansa's Business Class.   

 The freestanding seats offer a side table space.

The space for feet and legs was offering enough space.

A good entertainment system helped passing the time.


The Viennese coffee menu is absolutely sensational and one of the best we encountered on board a commercial airliner for a long time in any class.  The Arabica coffee as such was of very good quality.  The Einspänner (good whipped cream!) and the breakfast espresso were very good.  For coffeecionados this is a reason to fly Austrian Airlines.


Overall this was a very good experience for a flight as Business Class flight.  3.5/5.