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In the opening that I got there was just a hint of citrus, mainly mandarin, which after a few minute was pushed into the background by the spiciness of coriander, cardamon and cumin. 


Heavy frankincense and musk with labdanum follow suit to establish this as a rich and heavy oriental scent. 


Nonetheless, the background hints of mandarin and berry add that touch of acidity that prevents this luscious fragrance from ever becoming overwhelming or cloying - a masterful balancing act that many other scents fail to achieve. 


A great comfort scent on a cold winter day.  Silage and projection are very good, and the longevity  of over ten hours is indeed excellent.




To me this one of the most convincing Amouages in its smoothness, balance and superb quality of its ingredients..  A great fragrance.  4.25/5