Althoff Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg Bergisch Gladbach nr. Cologne

This hotel used to be a castle built by Johann Wilhelm II, Elector Palatine of the Wittelsbach dynasty  around the turn of the 17th/18th centuries.  Partly unfinished, it was a military hospital, school and refugee centre before 

being purchased by the the Aachener & Münchener life insurance company in 1997 and renovated to be a hotel.

This impressive Palace Hotel has been restored and maintained beautifully.

I had to enter to foyer to enter to activate the bell porter service, as nobody was outside; after that I experienced an excellent check-in.   They offer a shuttle service.



The elegant reception lobby.

The bar is very relaxed, pleasant and the drinks selection is good.


The decor is discreetly elegant, as were the bedrooms.  The are no paper copies of the room service menu available.  The digital software on the device provided is clumsy, too basic, and is unable to open several pages concurrently; it is too hard to use - good that they serve food downstairs!



The beds are very comfortable.

The bathroom is appointed very well.  The hotel prided itself of having a top restaurant on the premises: The Vendome.

Overall a beautiful hotel that is mostly of a very high standard, but there are a few issues nonetheless.

February 2019.  Overall 4.25/5