Euphoria Men

Calvin Klein Fragrances

Calvin Klein 
Euphoria Men 
A pleasant, slightly sweet, slightly watery and thinned down opening blast, with a nonspecific  hesperidic touch that is combined with a light white pepper.  
The drydown adds a pleasant, slightly sweet, slightly watery herbal element, that is combined with a nonspecific woodsy undertone.  
The base is characterised (not meaning it had actual character!) by a pleasant, slightly sweet, and thinned down mix of a nonspecific white amber impression with a soft patchouli.   The patchouli is light and lacks any harshness or darkness.  
I get moderate sillage, limited projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin.   
This is a pleasant spring scent that is quite thinned, anaemic and without any intensity or colour.  It seems anaemic and watered down to an extent that it looses whatever personality it might have developed - certainly it has less character than Eternity for Men!   Add to that the fact that it’s is super-synthetic and bland, then it is clear why this represents olfactory tedium and mediocrity at its finest.  
Not bad - just very dull.  
No Euphoria here!   2.5/5