Launched 2014, owned by Coty Prestige Corporation:


The opening is made up of citrus galore: lemon and orange, enforced by neroli, and this opening is not bad. Especially as it is not too synthetic on. In the frequently-used manner the drydown turns floral with rose and peonies and hints of muguet detectable. The base is the least impressive part, with a rather generic musk-vanilla dyad taking the lead.

I get the citrus freshness throughout, which is nice and not too synthetic on my skin, but the base is the letdown here IMHO. The performance is all right with moderate silage, adequate projection and six hours of longevity - all right but not truly impressive.

This overall quite summery creation thus has its pros and cons, and I am sitting at the fence whether it deserves a positive score or not. I opt for positive, but it makes this score by the skin of its teeth.   2.75/5