ARTEMISIA of Penhaligon’s

The opening is a sweet, peachy, fruity blast that is counterbalanced to some extent by a green undertone. 

In the drydown the core note arises: a vanilla that is not badly executed, but is nothing special either.  A bunch of florals gradually grows in strength, spearheaded but a strong muguet impression and a good touch of violet.   A fruity side comes and goes, as is a discrete impression of Chinese tea.  

With time this composition turns increasingly powdery.  This is not a traditional crusty boudoir-dowager powderiness, but a slimmer and more contemporaneous type.  

The base attempts to add a woodsy undertone and an attempt at some oakmoss grounding, but not particularly successfully due to their overly generic character.  

I get moderate sillage, good projection and six hours of longevity on my skin.   

Not without some original ideas, this spring scent is lacking sone structure to convince, but its main drawback is the synthetic and often generic nature of its ingredients.  2.75/5.