Tailspin / Passionnement by Lucien Lelong

The original Tailspin (Launched 1940):

The opening is of distinct beauty: a green herbal note that is a touch crisp combines with a lovely slightly spicy undertone that has a white pepper attached to it. A delicious idea!

The drydown figures a generous gardenia, embedded in a potpourri of white flowers, including hints of muguet and carnation. Soon the floral sweetness carries whiffs of cinnamon

The base sees a touch of wood, with again a slightly deeper gentle spice note; together with the white florals this sees it through until the end, with a slight pleasant powderiness added over the last hours.

The sillage is moderate, the projection excellent and the longevity an impressive ten hours.

This is a wonderful scent for spring days, made of ingredients if the highest quality. Gorgeous. 4/5.

The re-issued Passionnement version:
Overall this is in character quite similar, but sillage and projection are weaker, and it only lasts six hours on my skin. A diluted and weaker remake. Maybe for the office. 3.25/5