by Bond No. 9

The freshness of the opening, with a mint-basil tone combined with a fruity undertone, with the fruitiness becoming stronger in the drydown whilst fanning out into more distinct varieties. Pineapple, rose and white florals mainly. This is followed by another fresh note composed of aquatic elements with a salty hint.


After about tree hours a richer gourmand-style phase develops, with a nigh caramel-cinnamon vibe but not too sweet. This is a tad synthetic but always in a pleasing fashion. Interestingly, after some wood being interspersed, the aquatic side reappears on my skin, only to be supplanted by a light white musk towards the end.


Good silage and projection with an excellent longevity of around eight hours.


Great in late spring; this is overall one of Bond's convincing creations.  Released 2003.  3.5/5