SWISSAIR (OLD) First Class

This was the original Swissair, which went bankrupt in 2002 and after Crossair took over the new entity became Swiss International Airlines.

Zurich - Singapore 1982

As I was arriving on a European regional connecting flight, I could not experience the check-in at Zurich Airport. 

The design of the cabin was spacious, and the seats were ultra-comfortable.  The food was superb, and the drinks selection exemplary.   Whilst not offering its own cigar selection, if offered a cordoned off table with seats as a kind on lounge, where I smoked a cigar.  Interestingly, they managed to keep the non-smoking section quite free from the smoke.  They had an excellent range of digestifs on offer.


The service was approaching perfection.


There were free toiletries, which were top-of-the-range in those days.

A good movie was shown on the screen but this was before personal entertainment systems were introduced.


During the fuel stop in the Middle East we stayed in the plane.


In all its totality one of the best fights I ever experienced.  5/5