Sole Nero by Spadaro

There is citrus in the opening blast, a grapefruit notes that is quite on the sweetish side; it is certainly not an unripe fruit. After the initial moments I get a slightly spicy undertone, which combines a tonka with a gentle spiciness, like white peppers. Restrainedly spicy but neither hot nor sharp - this spice is not a gullet stripper.

Later on a nonspecific woodsiness is added, with a slight undertone of sweet almonds.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

This is quite a pleasant spring scent, which has its merit mainly in the first half of its development. Beyond that it is a bit too generic at times. Still, whilst there is no prize to win her for sensational originality, the quality of the ingredients tends to be on the respectable side, and it is blended well. Overall, a - just - positive score.    3/5.