This is for the reformulation:


The opening is full-on: a jasmine with an orange note that soon gives way to the lead performer: tuberose. A rich, luscious, velvety somber tuberose. In the further drydown a strong violet note mixes with carnation and a touch of coriander to compliment the tuberose.


After a flowery interlude where some orange blossom makes an appearance, cedar and musk announce the base notes, with still an echo of the tuberose palpable.


Finally towards the end a nice medium-weight musk forms the swansong of this episodic olfactory voyage.


Very good silage and projection with nine hours of longevity.


 A very nice autumn scent and a great tuberose.  At times it can be a bit too synthetic and generic through, but overall is is a good mix.  3/5