The terroirs of Armagnac :                                                       ***Bas-Armagnac, with its capital “Eauze”, extends over the Departments named “Lands” and “Gers” and represents 70% of the vineyards. The sandy and silty soil produces fruity, light delicate and highly praised eau-de-vie.                ***Armagnac-Ténarèze, around the small town of Condom, covers the north-west of the Gers and the south of the Lot-et-Garonne area. It represents about 28 % of the vineyards planted for distillation. The clay/limestone soils produce rich and full-bodied spirits which reach maturity after a long period of ageing.                                                                                   ***Haut-Armagnac, also named “White Armagnac” due to the Limestone and Clay-limestone found in this part of the country, includes both the east of the “Gers” department along with part of the others