Independent Fragrance Rater/Reviews


by Parfums Dusita

The beginning is very herbal, herbal in a green and earthy way with aromas of clary sage developing a bit later.  Additionally, I get a strong undertone of cumin and nutmegs, but with time the latter tow retreat into the background.  Transiently a weak petitgrain is present too.  The next note is a hay impression, which compliments the herbal notes quite well.  

The drydown turns distinctly floral.  I get a lot of honeyed sweetness of liatris and muguet.  A smooth vetiver comes and goes; it has not much of an earthy undertone but it is quite a bright note.

The base is a woodsy affair in not a very specific sense, although touches of sandalwood are discernible at times.  A tonka note is adding a tad more depth, but not as much of a sweetness as many tonkas or vanillas in many other fragrances would provide.

 I got moderate sillage, very good projection ,and six hours of longevity on my skin.

This spring scent is quite original in its concept and its being construed around the liatris and the herbal notes.   On the other hand, the execution of this concept is less convincing, as most of the notes are on the generic side.  Overall 2.75/5