Independent Fragrance Rater & Reviews


by Penhaligon's

No. 33 starts with a soft and fruity mix of citrus - mandarin and orange - with a gentle coriander, but soon an extraordinarily smooth cardamom joins in. There is a whiff of sage, and a warm and very rounded hint of cinnamon that provides added softness.

The drydown sees a good lavender not added in, and a small floral bouquet with a slim rose impression and deeper geranium and a slightly boozy ginger. The ginger is unusually dark and subdued.

The base takes a turn to a slightly sweet vanilla merging with a mild fresh Virginia pipe tobacco and a touch of cedar, all a bit well-behaved and maybe a bit unoriginal, but it all blends in very well.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and a superb eleven hours of longevity non my skin.

Overall a lovely autumn warmer, not intrusive, maybe a tad unoriginal but displaying excellent performance. 3/5