The Reiter family has been making Goodyear-welted shoes of high quality for over one hundred years, including for the K.u.K army.  Whilst they are not officially offering a bespoke service, one can choose from a number of leather types, sizes, lasts and soles the practically a made-to-measure-like service is achieved.


They used to have their Musterbuch online, which describes these choices in details.


The Ludwig Reiter Derby/Blucher

A classic Derby but with only two pairs of eyelets (3-5 pairs is more common).   It is Goodyear welted, of course.  Ludwig Reiter typically has simple designs, not particularly plump but more and the solid, sober and straightforward side; elegance does not appear to be their primary goal - these are not shoes that aim to look particularly  refined.  4.5/5

The Altgrubengegerbte double leather soles (for bad weather) are of phenomenal quality, and after about ten years and approximate 150 wears are a strong as ever without re-soling.