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L'Envol Eau de Parfum  by Cartier

A bright lavender with e dash of wormwood - the artemisia adds a slightly boozy and herbal element into the opening blast.  The herbal tone is enforces by a green sage impression, which is much weaker than the two initial protagonists in the opening blast.

The drydown turns a bot sweeter when a honey note arrives.  The sweetness is tempered a bit by a violet leaf, as well as by a small dash of pink peppers.  a glimpse of a restrained vetiver is present too; this is a soft vetiver lacking any earthiness on me.   A note of a simple iris transiently appears; it is a plain iris that lacks any powderiness.  

The base retains a bit of the artemisia and mixes it with a bright and soft patchouli that lacks any edges or harshness, but the peppers gains in strength a bit further down the track adding a bit more spiciness again now.   The honey has been growing weaker with time, but now it is resurrected and becomes stronger, adding a nice twist to the now very changed scenery of notes.  A nonspecific woodsiness with occasional hints of Guaiacwood appears towards the end, seconded by lashings of white musks.  Thankfully the latter never become too overwhelming, although they tend to take over the olfactory stage near the end.  

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and six hours of longevity on my skin.

A pleasant scent for warm spring days, not sweet enough to be a typical gourmand fragrance but close to it at times.  The second half, especially the base, is rather generic and a bit bland at times.     Released 2016.  Overall 2.75/5