A citrus opening with a bergamot core forms the initial moments after spraying on this product; it is combines with a saffron that adds a spicy side to the opening blast.  It is not a fresh opening on me, but quite a bright one.




After while the whole mix assumes has a soapy and indolic character.  The drydown add a slightly musty green violet impression, and powdery plum blossoms (Japanese Plums apparently), which are fairly short-lived and soon replaced by a nonspecific rose impression that is mainly expressing the leaves.  Whiffs of ripe cherries come and go in the background.   For some stretches the powderiness assumes a slight boudoir-like character, bit it is not very dowager-like on me.




There is an overarching chemical aroma in the air that is with me from the beginning, and it is only shed after several hours.  Later, towards the base, this chemical note morphs into a synthetic oud, which is accompanied but a crisper patchouli.  A synthetic moss merges with the oud, with a civety slant also notable.  An attempt to instill an ambergris-like saltiness at this stage enhances the edgy side a bit, complimented by another dose of spices; now composed of a bright labdanum in combination with some frankincense that has a leathery character to it.  The whole is less bright now, and longitudinally the indolic and the sharper components are thinning out, with the whole becoming smoother as time goes by.




Other times towards the end are a general woodsy flair, and lots of white musks that form the olfactory code before it is all over.  




I get moderate sillage, excellent projection, and eight hours of longevity on my skin.




An interesting autumnal composition, which is marred by the fact that some of the many ingredients remain a bit too generic and do not develop as fully and convincingly as others, and by the overly synthetic nature of others.   On the other hand, some of the notes are developing well, and the development with is incorporating floral, fruit, spicy, animalic and vegetal components is anything but boring.  Overall 3/5