DOUX AMOUR by Spadaro

My opening experience evolves around the lily, the jasmine and the patchouli. A pleasant jasmine, and a prominent lily - not very bright but reasonably intense. The patchouli is neither dark nor harsh, and blends in seemingly with the floral top notes.

The drydown veers into the slightly sweeter and smoother realm, carried mainly by a vanilla impression, and underlined by ylang-ylang. All this is rounded off by a rather nonspecific woodsy component.

I get soft sillage, very good projection and nine hours of longevity on my skin, the last three hours being very close to my skin.

Whilst the first part of the development of this spring scent is done quite nicely, the second part is more generic and too overtly synthetic. Furthermore, this mix is very much like the standard template of predictable end notes found not infrequently in the offering these days.

Overall it is the first part that is more convincing and pushes the whole across the line into positive territory - albeit by the skin of its teeth.  3/5