JMP Artisan Eccentricity

Caramel, coconuts ans white musks are in the opening blast, which is darker in timbre than these components would indicate.  The musks are accompanied by an slightly sweet incense-like accompaniment, a dyad which starts out very inconspicuously, turning up the olfactory volume over the next few hours. 


The drydown adds a fruitiness, which i due to a note of medium-ripe cherries, which is accompanied by a n impression of a milky filter coffee, with only a touch of the  cappuccino that is mentioned in some sources.   A sandalwood, which is somewhat nonspecific on me, is lurking in the shadows at times.   Then a floral core arises, which has been gradually increasing in the background and now comes to the fore.  A dark-green jasmine is in the lead, accompanies by a less vivid rose, with the latter note emphasising the stems and leaves. 


Towards the end the sweeter as well as the floral chracteristics rescind, leaving a darker soft muskiness with touch of a gentle ambergris, which displays only a very discreet saltiness. 


I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and seven hours of longevity on me.  


An interesting composition, with a few original moments mainly at the start, but some notes are a bit to generic at times, including the wood.  Quite good overall.  3/5