Independent Fragrance Rater and Review

Selection Verte   by Creed

This is a review of the original edition:


This opening is one of the magic moments in perfume history.  The potpourri of citrus (lemon, lime, and ripe mandarin) is of incredibly bright beauty.   Whilst this citrus freshness dominates initially, soon peppermints is added, which is composed of two components: a crisp peppermint, and and slightly sweetish spearmint-like aroma.   This is magical.


Later a rich green freshness develops that reminds me of walks in sunny grass lands with whiffs of mint still lingering; it is like mint interspersed in the field amongst other herbs and grass; and at that stage the mint has moved into the background.  A bright neroli impression is present now too, given added depth by touches of pink pepper in the background as a gentle counterpoint, and w touch of sweet peas is transiently present.  The the whole citrus-green-herbal fresh brightness is rather uniquely beautiful.


At times - towards the end - a smidgen of wood appears, not that of trees but more like he underwood of bushes. the very restrained crisp ambergris that is here is very weak, and presents more like a few peppercorns on the dish - hardly noticeable but just contributing another brushstroke of colour on this olfactory painting.


Limited silage and reasonable projection; I get about two hours of longevity on me, which is not bad for this Cologne type of scent.


Conceptualised as a summer Eau de Cologne with additional enhancement, applying it onto the skin transports one into the olfactory Garden of Eden, albeit, briefly only alas. 

The quality of the natural ingredients is amazing. The blending is beyond masterful.  A classic blend for warmer days.  The main drawback is the lack of longevity, but, unfortunately, this is normal in Eau de Colognes made of natural citrus-related components.  Whilst - as often with Creeds - later batch might show some variations, in the original version this is one of the greatest Cologne-Plus scents ever created amongst the ones that I know.   A most civilised invigoration in a bottle.  4.75/5