Voyageur by Jean Patou

Voyageur has a pleasant top note of gentle grapefruit- orange citrus elements, which are followed by a sage- lavender greenish note. Towards the later stages sandalwood comes in, and a bit of oak moss (I only get a smidgen). There is a mild background fruitiness that is quite discreet and not disturbing. Silage is average as is projection after the first hour, which might not be a bad thing when wedged into cattle-class.


Overall a restrained and classy travel scent, with adequate longevity of about three hours. Whilst this is in no way comparable in quality and genius to the Patou pour Homme series, it is a nice travel fragrance of some class and more interesting than many recent offerings. A borderline call, but the very nice, practical and nigh unbreakable bottle tilts it to a positive rating.  3/5