Oud & Musc by Cartier

from the series Les Heures Voyageuses


Yes, oud and musc indeed are the two core notes of this creation - but choosing these two as the pillars that carry this olfactory edifice is not exactly prima facie evidence of overflowing creativity; at least not these days when the release of a product without oud in it seems to have become the exception to the norm.

The oud is encouraging in the sense that it is not the commonplace hyper-synthetic screeching and loud oud that is currently so popular.

At times other notes come up - the occasional very soft patchouli touch, and whiffs of a more nonspecific woodsiness - but otherwise it is the dyad that gives this scent its name.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

Another oud composition good for cold autumn climes; mercifully rather a civil oud but the whole does not reach beyond mediocrity.  2.75/5.