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There is beating around the olfactory bush here - The opening hits me with an oud storm: rich, deep and expressing hallmarks of - at least to some extent - the real deal.




Nonetheless, this is not a very linear development.  The initial Sri Lanka out is very dark on me, with aromas of rum raisin and a slight touch of civet.  Intoxicating...




Soon a May rose is added and adds a dark, rich, velvety rose impression, mainly of the blossoms with touches of the stems too.  Yes, now we have here - another - rose-oud product in the making....




Going further into the drydown, it becomes clear tat with all he effort the rose, now supported by some magnolia and whiffs of muguet,  puts into its participation as an equal, the oud keeps the upper hand.   Fortified by more oud variants from Indonesia (Bouya oud) and Hainan, the agarwood group becomes smoother and looses some of its faecal character.




Towards the base - the transition is very smooth and barely conscious - a bit more of an edge re-appears, and the whole becomes a touch brighter.  This is likely the result of the addition of another oud - Thai oud - as well as the appearance of a benzoin note.  The – now again - stronger animalic component is also due to some added hyraceum.  These animalic parts are, however, never very intrusive or nauseatingly strong; they are - distinct and evident - contributors to the whole but never intent of playing the lead part in this olfactory drama.   An earthy undertone develops throughout the base as a peripheral addition, 




I get strong sillage, excellent projection, and ten hours of longevity on my skin. 




This wintery creation is an oud-fest for oud-lovers.   Apart from that it is charachterised by an unusually sophistacted application of various types and species of agarwood, and the usual - currently fashionable - combination with a rose impression. 

On the other hand, small and original nuances are added to make this more interesting than the usual run-of-the-mill rose-oud products that have been flooding the department stores for the last few years.   Most importantly, the quality of theses natural ingredients is superb, and the blending is impressive.  A bit more of a non-oud-based variety might make this creation a bit more titillating, but it is a very impressive scent anyway.  The performance of this sillage bomb is close to heavenly.  4.25/5