Im Palais Coburg Hotel Vienna

Silvio Nickol is part of the Palais Coburg establishment in Vienna.

The design in modern, tasteful and elegant in an understated way.

Private areas are available and help prevent large groups form dominating the main room.

Spacious table setting (even before the COVID-19 crisis!) and comfortable dining chairs.

Hot steamed towels - excellent!

The menu is creative, well-balanced and enticing.

The wine list is one of the best we have come across for quite a long time.  The perfectionist pedant might point out that we did not see any wines from Chile, Japan and Hainan, but short of such details the list is excellent and nigh beyond reproach.  The selection is very thoughtful and encompasses various price ranges.  Magnificent.


Otherwise, minor issues were the running out of hand lotion and toilet paper, but this was rectified immediately.


Overall one of the best restaurants we visited for some time.   Does it warrant a full score?  It might be a near-perfect 4.9/5, but as we do not score in less that quarter increments, it is...5/5!!!

March 2019