Having been a customer of this establishment for a couple of decades, I can only confirm its extremely high standards.  From suits to shirts the quality is superb and the craftsmanship impeccable.  Founded in 1858 by Josef Knize, this firm is probably the world's most experienced and best tailor for White Tie outfits, including the tailcoat, the appropriate trousers, the pique shirt and the waistcoat.  The owner, Herr Rudolf Niedersüß, is one of the greatest tailors in the world.   The style is classic.  The selection of socks is very good, but there is one particular claim to fame this house can be proud of: The original  Knize Ten, with its gasoline and car leather seat aroma, is one of the great men's fragrances created in the last one hundred years.  One of the very best.   5/5

A White Tie shirt made to measure from Knize.   Used for nearly a decade, many times.   Beautiful and durable.

A waistcoat for White Tie from Knize.