Asrar Attar by Amouage

The opening notes  of  this attar combines a slightly bitter-sweet orange note with white floral undertones.  Very soon, a slightly spicy saffron arises and gradually increases in intensity.   
In the drydown more spicy additions are merging with the top notes, and a smoky amber impression adds further depth.  
The base loses a lot of the previous components, replacing it with light, white musks and a somewhat nonspecific woodsiness.  Just a few gentle touches of a somewhat perfunctory oud add further coulour.  
I get moderate sillage, very good projection and nine hours of longevity on my skin.   
The oily attar is suitable for spring, and its major hallmark is its lack of heaviness and intrusiveness.   This is a comparatively light attar, but nonetheless quite rich and, at least initially, intensive.   The base is less impressive, but overall the quality of its ingredients is respectable, and the performance good.  

An attar for newcomers in this olfactory realm, and for those who find most attars too heavy.  3.25/5.