by Cherigan

 Cherigan Fleurs de Tabac was launched in 1929.

From the beginning a deep pipe tobacco aroma dominates, with a hint in of a nice jasmine in the top note that retreats quite soon.  The tobacco expresses a hint of pleasant sweetness.

In the base notes there is some development with the emergence of amber, and a mild sweetness of vanilla with some musk, but on my skin the tobacco still reigns supreme.

The sillage is moderate.  Initially the projection is good, but then it retreats to remain close to my skin until it goes after about seven to eight hours of total longevity. 

This autumnal delight is not particularly complex, but impressed by the astounding beauty of the tobacco note, which might well be based of a top-quality tobacco absolute. Beautifully blended, rich, smooth without any harshness, this is an iconic tobacco scent.  4/5