AB ± Cashmere by Uèr Mì

The opening is not unpleasant: a bit floral - a fairly ordinary jasmine with a good dose of osmanthus adding a slightly crisper herbal undertone. Then a rather nonspecific fruity undertone develops, which is smoothed by a soft patchouli.

The later stages reveal an awfully synthetic ambery aroma that has a vanilla tone added as a sweetener; all this is laced with the ever-so-popular concoction of white musks that is a bane of perfumery over the last couple of decades.

I get moderate silage, good projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

This is not a bad or disagreeable scent, wearable on warmer autumn days, but it is so generic and impersonal as a whole that is makes me yawn at times. Mediocre and synthetic it is. Once AI is a bit more developed, a similar product might possible to produce by a good computer with the right software on its own. Here comes the perfumer algorithm!   2.25/5.