NOBU HOTEL Miami Beach


The location is splendid, right on the beach, and the views are quite spectacular.  It has many other good features, especially an excellent room service; thanks to the use of proper cloches the food is actually hot, a rare feat these days.  There were many mains plugs in the room, so recharging several devices was easy.   The architectural design, including the bedrooms, was a bit bland, although the lobby and the terrace bar have some nice features.  On the other hand, the pool service can be slow, and the pool facilities are shared with the neighboring Eden Roc Hotel.   We had to spend quite some time waiting on the phone,  and the shoeshine facilities were a bit tardy too.  Service for breakfast was slow on the Sunday, especially as one cannot book ahead and has to wait in line.  Overall a nice hotel, but not spectacular or special.   3.75/5