Siberian Snow by D.S. & Durga

The opening notes starts with labdanum combined with a touch of brightness, courtesy of a minty aroma that is more deep than spritely refreshing.

Later in the drydown the labdanum merges with a warm and comforting incense that pairs with a whiffs of white pepper and a styrax that at times displays a mildly waxy characteristic. The incense is fairly rich but not too dark, and lacks any high-church ceremonial flavour.

Further down the track of development the incense and styrax combine with a medium-dark opoponax and a soft and smooth amber. All these component mix together and the result is quite beautiful at that stage; this constellation of great blending lasts for several hours on my skin. The final stage is more mundane when the base is mainly left with a somewhat flat musky nose.

He silage is moderate, the projection very good and the longevity eight hours.

A winter scent that, unusual for a fragrance today, improves with development after a rather generic beginning and at times is quite convincing. I would settle it right between and positive and neutral score overall, but the decent development shifts it - just - into the thumbs-up range. 3/5