Emporio Armani White He

This is one of Armani's less boring scents.


A citrus opening with herbal undertones is gradually dominated by a synthetic light white musk base note that overall makes a pleasant albeit not particularly exciting scent.  The lemon and the mandarin of the opening blast are quite discrete but gently refreshing.. The herbal tone is mainly thyme on me , but again quite restrained.


It reminded a person close to me of Issey Miyake Pour Homme, but the added musk note clearly sets it apart, although it lacks the creativity of, for instance, Tom Ford's White Musk series, but then it lacked the latter's extraordinary high prices too while it was still available.


Overall pleasant for summer, discrete with poor silage and projection and limited longevity and about three hours, but that is not unexpected given the citrus contributions to this composition.   Between neutral and thumbs up, but  overall in its discrete simplicity - a bit like the packaging design - is unobtrusively charming and tilts it upwards.  3.25/5