Independent Fragrance Rater/Reviews



A smoky impression of burnt woods greets me in the initial moments.   With time the aroma of a burning pipe tobacco of an unimpressive quality arises, but more incense-like smoke than actual discernible specific tobacco fumes develop on me then.   

In the drydown touches of orange and whiffs of grapefruit are transiently present, with more sweetness added in by a vanilla note; at times it becomes a bit like a vanilla-flavoured pipe tobacco.  The vanilla is much less vivid that Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille on me.  Woodsy elements develop further down the track, with a somewhat tangy oudwood being complimented by a weak sandalwood in the background.  All these seem to have been the victim of an incendiary attack, and the smoke, still modified buy the incense component, remains dominant throughout.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection, and right hours of longevity on my skin.  

A smoke-incense composition for winter or the open camp fire, which is done quite well on the on hand, but on the other it lacks development, and many on the notes, some of the very synthetic, are pushed too much into the background by the overwhelmingly  dominant dyad.  Al least it is not another rose-oud product...  Some aspects remind me of Tauer's Lonestar Memories.  Released 2015.  Overall 3/5