The Anorak and the Parka


Originating from the Inuit in the Arctic climate.

Style and Occasion

The cold arctic outdoor when the leg do not need to be protected from the bad weather, e.g. in a sleigh.  


- CUT:  single breasted with button or zipper closure; a drawstring at the wrist for cinching

   that goes around the back, sometimes with an elastic.  The Anorak is meant to be a pull-

   over jacket, whilst the Parka is an open-front jacket.

   It also may have a drawstring at the front of the bottom hem.  Parkas don't have drawstrings.

 - SEAMS, FRONT DARTS:  none. 

 - VENTS: No vents, but with a duck tail back with drawstring in Anoraks. 

 - BELT: None.


 - COLLAR: with a (fur-lined in a Parka) hood and drawstrings.

 - CUFFS: simple cuffs.

 - POCKETS: flap patch pockets.

 - LENGTH: Anoraks are hip-length and can go up to mid-thigh length.  Parkas are longer than Anoraks

    and cover the hips.

 - MATERIAL WEIGHT: original seal skin or caribou skin, now often synthetic; it is meant to

    be weatherproof.