T he original name on release in 1911 for Percy Croft of Croft's port wine house was "Lords"; in was renamed later on.

Initially a lemony welcome greets me, tempered by bergamot and always herbal with mild sweetness. After about thirty minutes neroli comes forward, with a bit of labdanum, and a delightfuk green lavender.


The heart notes are floral, with muguet in the foreground and mixing with the labdanum very cleverly.  A basil untertone adds further depth.


Distinct mossy notes developing later joined by a musky woody note, without specific sandal characteristics on me. 


Throughout the life of the scent there is always a herbal, dry bitterness with a touch of soapiness  and after the initial note there is no sweetness at all when I am wearing it. It is always a elegantly restrained. 


I get moderate sillage and very good projection.  For a Penhaligon's Eau de Cologne the longevity is astounding; after eight hours it is still present on my skin, albeit quite close to it - perfect for work.  By comparison, Blenheim Bouquet disappears on me after an hour or two.


 A great and masterfully composed chypre cologne.  4.25/5