Punjab by Roberto Capucci

From the first moments this is a highly original creation: bergamot, citrus, juniper berries and artemisia combine with a herbal undertone (Marjoram with whiffs of basil)  to a very convincing mixture. Quite bright but rich and intense.


In the drydown cinnamon appears together with a flowery jasmine, and a floral undertone - think carnation, geranium and touches whiffs of freesias) complex pine-and-cedar aroma is added together with very nice geranium impressions. This is a beautifully complex yet very balanced phase, which on my skin assumes a honey note at times. shimmering intensity of the various notes vary with times in a very creative pattern. 


The development in the base is titillating, with a wet leather, amber and olibanum giving the base notes another twist.   The leather reminds me of Hermes' Equipage with its discreetly sweet touch,and also of Balenciaga's Portos at times.  Wood notes form a coniferous background, with, additionally, conjuring up memories of dunhill's seminal Blend 30 at times with some hints of spiciness added by a myrtle impression.  Additionally, a  lovely oak moss arises, which has an edge to is in a subtle way; this is a far cry from the loud and shrill oakmoss in some other fragrances like Gucci Nobile, although of a similar unique character.


I get excellent projection and good silage and a truly amazing longevity of over twelve hours on my skin.


Very traditional yet highly original, with occasional hints of gentle spiciness, it is perfect for warmer autumn days. Superbly blended from ingredients of the highest quality.  Capucci's masterpiece.   4.5/5