Binenaimé Chypre Imperial

Apart from some whiffs of bergamot, I get fruity and floral core in the top notes. The main component is a peachy-pear mélange with a smooth velvety Bulgarian rose, and and all is blended so beautifully such as to create a beautifully balanced unity.  Gorgeous. 

In the heart notes a very gentle and smooth spiciness is gradually arising, with some cardamom and later a an opoponax-like impression adding further depth, but more on the discrete side; a bit like whiffs from the flavours and aromas emanating form a market in Bombay in the distance. 

On my skin the base is mainly a light and bright powdery note that slowly evaporates.  

The sillage is moderate, the projection good and the longevity five hours - not much for a perfume; this deficit can probably be blamed on the age of the scent and the loss of some notes over time.  

Aged, still beautiful and composed of ingredients of amazing quality.  Wonderful for a warmer spring or autumn evening.  The blending is exquisite, as is the interplay of the various notes that complement one another in a most delightful manner.   4.25/5.