Comté cheese Jura Franche-Comté

Comté Marcel Petite unpasteurised cow's milk

Comté Marcel Petite 12 months matured

The 12-month matured Comté is a rich and creamy cheese, with hints of pears and nuts.  Very nice.  3.75/5

Comté Marcel Petite 18 months matured

The 18-month matured Comté by Marcel Petite is nice but a bit flat in taste.  Touches of hazelnuts.  3.25/5

Comté Charles Arnaud  36 months matured

Charles Arnaud is reportedly a family-owned dairy since about 1907

The 36-month matured Comté by Charles Arnaud has a rich and slightly salty flavour, with hints of pear and sea breezes.  3.5/5


General Rating

Made from unpasteurised cow's milk in Franche-Comté, it is rich, full of flavour, with a nutty and fruity undertone and delicious.  3.75/5.

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