Délire de Roses

Initially this is a nice rose.  A bit two-dimensional without much nice, quite bright and positive.  It is accompanied by the aroma of green leaves and a touch of jasmine in the background.  

After about nearly an hour the rise collapses and retreats into the background until the end, with the green side growing and with whiffs of a nonspecific fruitiness presents at times too.  Soon a bright and slightly sweet powdery note developed and moves into the foreground rather quickly.  This green powdery impression remains dominant until the end.  

I get moderate sillage, adequate projection and seven hours of longevity, the last three hours very close to my skin.  

This spring scent’s eponymous rose core is quite agreeable, but the second half is not really convincing.   It is all a bit too monochrome and too generic.  2.75/5