Independent Fragrance Rater and Review

Farina Gegenüber

Johann MariaFarina's establishment was opposite from (gegenüber) the Neumarkt in Cologne.

The are several versions of this product around. 


From a n original vintage bottle:


This creation starts out as a straight leather; a pure and smooth leather.  There is no initial citrus blast á la Creed's Cuir de Russie, and no harshness or gasoline note in the opening as in Knize Ten or Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather.  There is, however, a gentle lavender note present, with a bit of basil and touches of a brightness-instilling bergamot.  A positive and optimistic start.


And this beautiful smooth and a touch creamy note of only slightly aged leather sets the tone, developing light background notes of mild smokiness and a touch of tar; the latter is contributed to by some fern, as well as by a fairly gentle patchouli with only a modicum of sharpness, and it remains in the background on me.


In the base the leather prevails, but it is losing intensity over time.  touches of vanilla and a mossy undertone are barely perceptible.


Unlike in Chanel's counterpart there are no floral tones on my skin at all, and it has only little sweetness, which makes it different from Creed's Royal English Leather.  Overall a discrete leather scent, which means limited projection and poor silage largely explicable by the use of excellent natural ingredients.  This is not one to draw attention to the wearer.  A great traditional leather.  Partly this might be due to the age of my bottle.  4.25/5